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The Only Meal Plans for Building Lean Muscle and Losing Body Fat, Or Your Money Back.

If you desire a body you can admire without having to starve yourself of all the foods you actually enjoy...then these meal plans are built for you.

I'm here to tell you that could build lean muscle and lose fat eating delicious foods that never make you feel like you’re restricted.

You don't have to obsess over eating clean, to build lean muscles. In fact, you could transform your body by eating taboo foods that you actually love!

In short, I will show you how to use food to build your movie star body!

You need flexible meal plans that not only work but that you enjoy. Meal plans that help you run down fat and build muscle like the air you breathe, meals you can't wait to devour!

And that’s exactly what you get with the Urban Fit Den Meal Plans.

Place your order now and you’ll get instant access to…

✅  A total of 51 different meal plans for both cutting and lean bulking.

✅  15 cutting meal plans (MALE)

✅  6 lean bulking meal plans (MALE)

✅  15 cutting meal plans (FEMALE)

✅  10 Lean bulking meal plans (FEMALE)

That's not all!

You see, in today's disposal world we understand how hard it can be to shed body fat, build lean muscle, and hit your goals. That becomes even more difficult when you're using the wrong tools to help you on your journey. That's why we've included 3 crazy bonus tools to get you there even faster, the right way! You'll also get...

✅  Reverse dieting guide - Valued at 20usd

✅   5 bonus SUPER CUTTING meal plans - Valued at 100usd

✅  A FAQ sheet that answers the most common questions and myths people have about diet and fat loss, muscle gain, and more - Valued at 15usd

It's Risk-Free

We are so confident you are going to love these meal plans and all that comes with it, that if these meal plans are not what you expected, or just don't work for you, you are fully protected with  Our “Dog Ate It” 100% Money-Back Guarantee! And you get to keep them! 

We believe in individuality...

And that reflects in how we structured each set of meal plans. They are broken down into several weight categories to make it easy for you to know which you should follow and to accommodate everyone's individual training schedules!

Each weight category has 2 to 3 meal plans:

  1. One for training in the morning.
  2. One for the evening.
  3. And in the case of the cutting plans, one for fasted training in the morning as well.

We did this to accommodate different training schedules and mix up the food choices, giving you complete freedom!

So, what are you waiting for, get your ultimate meal plan bundle right now!

Usually, each single meal plan sells for $19.99, that's a total value of $419! Get the entire 51 ultimate meal plans for building lean muscle and losing stubborn fat + an additional bonus for a one-time offer of only $6.98! 

Limited Time Offer

This exclusive offer will not last forever, unfortunately. We have placed a limited quantity up for grabs. Once the maximum quantity sold is reached, the price will return back to $99.99 for the entire pack or $19 for each individual meal plan. You can either get this exclusive deal and pay just $6.98 now or $99.99 later.  It's a no-brainer! 

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Once your purchase is made, you will receive an email where you'll be given a download link. If by some chance you don't receive it, check all your folders including your spam folder. If by then you have still not received them, reach out to us and we will send them back to you immediately.

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